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company news about Development direction of instrument industry

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Company News
Development direction of instrument industry
Latest company news about Development direction of instrument industry

Development direction of instrument industry

The National Planning Commission and the Ministry of science and technology have compiled a guide to the key areas of high-tech industrialization that are currently given priority to development, which points out that high-tech industrialization mainly includes two tasks: first, developing high technology, forming emerging products, and cultivating new growth points; Second, using advanced technology to transform and optimize traditional industries and improve the quality of economic growth. There are six items that need to be tackled in the instrument industry:

(1) Fully open distributed control system and intelligent instrument based on field bus technology; 

(2) New sensors;

(3) Intelligent industrial control components and actuators; 

(4) Environment and pollution source detection instrument and automatic detection system;

(5) The instrument automation control system in the complete set of urban sewage treatment and utilization equipment;

(6) The instrument automation control system in the complete set of converter gas purification and recovery equipment.

The strategic thinking for the development of the instrument industry in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" is: "market orientation, expansion of fields, optimization of structure, giving play to advantages, technological innovation, continuous promotion and revitalization of the industry". There are four specific aspects:

(1) Change the limitations of the traditional industrial field, closely focus on the market demand, cultivate and develop new markets, so as to transform the instrument industry into a comprehensive development oriented to various fields, and vigorously explore the fields of industry, transportation, information, environmental protection, architecture, medicine, teaching, scientific research and consumption. Focus on advanced automatic control systems and precision testing instruments.

(2) We will change the situation of scattered organizational structure, low production concentration, weak independent development and innovation ability, and low economic efficiency, and "do something but not do something", "focus on large-scale development, and" make progress and retreat ". We will vigorously promote the strategic adjustment of the instrument industry: we will make a large number through joint restructuring; Save a batch of people through various measures; Eliminate a batch through bankruptcy and closure; Through a variety of ways, small and medium-sized enterprises will be liberalized, invigorated, and expanded.

(3) We will change the unfavorable situation that most of the products and technologies in the instrument industry depend on import, focus on key products and technologies, and form the innovation ability of core technologies as soon as possible. We should give play to our advantages and concentrate our efforts to focus on the relatively strong points of China's technological level, develop the fist varieties of China's independent intellectual property rights, and shift the focus of industrial work to cultivating high-tech industries and building a symbol industry group in a planned way, so as to guide and drive the high-tech development of the whole industry and transform traditional products.

(4) Correctly understand the current situation of the instrument industry and various situations and problems in the process of transforming planned economy to market economy, correct understanding, change concepts, optimize mechanisms, and forge ahead to promote the revitalization and sustainable development of the instrument industry.

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