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24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

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24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor
24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor 24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: Explosion-proof certificate
Model Number: NYCZ(Cable Type)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $240 to $1900
Packaging Details: Export standard packing
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300 pcs/ pre month

24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

Measuring Range: 0~25m Power Supply: 24VDC
Material: 304,316L(optional) Process Connection: Flange(optional)
Protection Grade: Display Instrument IP67, IP67 Operating Temperature: -40~130℃,-40~250℃
Signal Output: 4-20mA, 4-20mA/HART(Two Wire/FOUR Wire) Process Pressure: Atmospheric Pressure,-0.1-4MPa, -1~40BAR
High Light:

24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor


Magnetostrictive Level Sensor 316L


IP67 Magnetic Level Transmitter

NYCZ Cable Type Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter Level Transmitter

Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter


Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter Operating Principle


The principle of magnetostrictive level gauge is shown in figure. The products mainly consist of measuring rod, electronic warehouse and non-contact float on the measuring rod. The rod is equipped with magnetostrictive wire (waveguide wire), which is made of stainless steel tube without magnetic conductivity. It protects the waveguide wire very well.

When the magnetostrictive liquid level meter is working, the pulse generator in the electronic chamber sends out an initial pulse, which, as it travels through the waveguide wire, produces a rotating magnetic field moving along the waveguide wire. When the magnetic field meets the permanent magnetic field in the float sphere, a magnetostrictive effect is produced, resulting in a constant velocity mechanical wave caused by the twisting of the waveguide wire. The mechanical wave propagates in two directions, and the mechanical wave at the end of the rod is absorbed by the damper, and the mechanical wave that returns the direction of the electron bunker is sensed by the pickup mechanism installed in the electronic chamber and converted into the corresponding current pulse. The pick up mechanism calculates the time between the two pulses The height of the measured liquid level can be accurately measured by the difference.


Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter Technical Parameter


Applications liquid level
Measurement range


Probe: 0-50~6000mm Cable: 25m


Accuracy ±0.5mm
Power supply 24VDC ±10%
Signal output 4~20mA / Hart / RS485
Working current 4~20mA; 20.4mA
Load characteristics when current output, maximum load resistance 600 Q voltage output, maximum load Resistance 2mA
Process temperature -40〜130 °C,-40〜250 °C
Ambient temperature -40〜80°C
Temperature effect ±0.5 °C
Process pressure - 0.1 ~ 4.0MPa
Resolution ±lmm
Response time 0.2 ms
Rod material 304/316L (optional)
Process connection Thread, flange, Support mounting (optional)
Site display LCD (optional)
Housing material stainless steel / aluminum (optional)
Protection grade IP67
Explosion proof grade Exia IICT6 (optional)

Note: Products can be customized according to the specific requirements of users!

 24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor 0

Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter Design Features


  • More widely applicable, there are a variety of probe forms, a variety of process connection fbrms,a variety of manufacturing materials, customizable design.
  • High reliability: because magnetostrictive liquid level gauge uses waveguide principle, no mechanical movable part, so no friction, no wear. The whole converter is enclosed in stainless steel tube and is not in contact with the measuring medium. The sensor works reliably and has a long life.
  • High accuracy: because the magnetostrictive liquid level meter uses waveguide pulses to determine the measured displacement by measxiring the time between the initial pulse and the termination pulse, the measurement accuracy is high and the resolution is better than 0.01FS, This is an accuracy that is difficult to achieve with other sensors.
  • Good safety: the magnetostrictive liquid level meter has high explosion-proof performance, intrinsically safe explosion-proof, safe use, especially suitable for chemical raw materials and flammable liquid measurement. It is not necessary to open the lid of the tank to avoid the insecurity of manual measurement.
  • The magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is easy to install and maintain: the magnetostrictive liquid level meter is usually installed through the existing nozzle on the top of the tank. It is especially suitable for the installation of the underground storage tank and the storage tank that has been put into service, and can not affect normal production during the installation process.


Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter Installation Requirement


Magnetostrictive level gauge can be used in flammable, explosive and corrosive liquid applications. The electronic chamber of the magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is spattered but not submerged, and the liquid must not be immersed above the hexagonal base. The float ball has an installation direction and the NC-marked hemisphere should be above the liquid level. The installation method is as follows:
Method 1: according to the connecting flange above, the installation hole is processed on the flange cover and directly rotated into the magnetostrictive liquid level meter, as shown in fig. 1;
Method 2: fixing magnetostrictive liquid level meter with sensor support and locking nut, this method is suitable for liquid level measurement of open tank, as shown in figure 2;
Method 3: machining a G2 thread hole on the cover of the tank fbr convenience Place the float, as shown in figure 3;
Method 4: the length of the measuring rod can be adjusted according to the height of the liquid level by using.


24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor 1


Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter Electrical Connection


the movable connecting head, as shown in figure 4
◎The output zero position of magnetostrictive liquid level meter is one side at the end of the rod and the full range output position is on the side of electronic warehouse.
◎The shielding line of transmitter must avoid high power supply, RF signal source and other noisy transmission lines.
The cable shield must be kept intact and connected.


24VDC Magnetostrictive Level Sensor 2


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